2011-10-21 Pain & Engel, Tivoli (de Helling), Utrecht, The Netherlands

Engel started right on time. Eight o'clock sharp. The sound wasn't very good even for a warm up act. We all hoped it would get better soon. Unfortunately it didn't, it even got worse. The Bass sounded like brown noise and the singer sounded like he was still in the bathroom. I hope this wasn't what Engel wanted us to hear.....Engel could have been a pretty good starter for this evening, Engel looked like they played some nice industrial/thrash metal, but the sound destroyed their act.
A warm up act wasn't necessary for Peter (Tägtgren) and his live musicians. From the first song they blasted away. All the audio problems that tortured Engel (and the audience) were gone and a not to loud sound came to our ears. The stage was filled with some big ass TV-screens. On these TV's clips and other visual imagery was shown to please our eyes. So our eyes and ears were taken care of (the bar was nearby so our mouths were taken care of too).
As they played their short set (just over one hour) almost every Pain album was visited, only the first cd was left out. Some of the first songs were Dancing with the dead, Pslams of extinction and End of the line. With The great pretender and Monkey business it seemed to be the end of this night, but they came back to do 'a very special' acoustic version of Have a drink on me. It looked funny and sounded good, but it was a moment to catch our breaths (and for the band too, I guess). After this short break Fear the demon, Same old song and Shut your mouth were the closing songs for this energetic concert.

Review by: Metaldude666