2011-11-15 Volbeat & Clutch, Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Clutch started around 20.10 (as expected). To be honest I have never heard of this band and there is not too much information to be found on internet about this band. As far as I read they started in 1990 and they are still going. They play a mix between American rock and metal. It sounded okay but the audience didn't seem to notice the band. The public only came for Volbeat and not for some unknown American band. Not a success but I couldn't think of a support act that would have made a difference, opening for a band like Volbeat doesn't look like a very rewarding job.
The moment Clutch stepped down from the stage a big Volbeat banner covered the stage. This banner was used to hide the stage while it was being rebuild for the main show.
As the PA played Motörhead the audience raised their ears and watched the stage in anticipation. Volbeat really rocked from the first notes they played but the crowd really exploded when they played their fifth song: Sad Man's Tongue. Don't misunderstand me: the first four songs (songs like Guitar Gansters & Caddilac Blood and Mr. & Mrs. Ness are two of my favorites too) were great, but the public was still only listening and not going crazy on the songs. After this Johnny Cash tribute the crowd really woke up and started moving, singing and screaming. Michael (Poulsen) played with the audience and knew how to get them as loud as possible. It's great to see how this band has grown from 250 people venues to the big concert halls they're playing in this tour. The light show was big and on stage they placed a big Trident with multicolored lights on the edges. Volbeat continued the show with some of their best songs: The Garden's Tale and the Human Instrument. After these songs we got a nice intermezzo: Volbeat plays Queen: A few minutes of We Will Rock You and I Want To Break Free. The crowd sang the greater part of the last one. It looked like Volbeat fans are Queen fans too.

Radio Girl (which had some vocal troubles), Rebel Monster and Still Counting (some assholes in the room) made Ahoy rock like Hell and beyond. Slowly they worked to the end of the setlist, but River Queen couldn't be the last song, they came back (of course). During the whole concert Michael thanked the crowd more than once and now Volbeat played their Thanks song, but only after they played Fallen which is a tribute for Michael's father, who passed away a few years ago. I Only Want To Be With You and Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booza were the final songs. At the start of Pool Michael asked for a circle pit and he got a circle pit. From my seat (first ring) I could oversee the whole of Ahoy and at one moment I counted seven (7) mosh pits! Volbeat decided to end with a real bang, playing Raining Blood (only 2 minutes) on a blood red stage. And this ended the 1 hour and 50 minutes show. A great evening filled with great Metal/Rock.

Review & Pictures by: Metaldude666