2011-11-26 Romein XL TrashFest Classics, zalen Schaaf, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

This old school Thrash metal means a few things:
For the public: get out your patched jeans jacket and worn out sneakers;
For the band: look for your vee-shaped guitars and bang your head till it hurts.
A bit too early for a Saturday-evening, especially after a sick party the night before, we headed towards Leeuwarden. When entering the Thrash Fest-venue, it seemed clear that the hall was not opened yet. So we took this opportunity to get some junk food. Hey, it's a thrash fest, so some trashy food is welcome! Due to this eat fest; we missed a big part of Mortal Sin. When we arrived we were just in time to see the last three songs. Mortal Sin produced real old school thrash. They sounded pretty solid, no squeaks or feedbacks. Although the hall was still a sort of empty, the people who were there gave the band the respect they earned. It was obvious to us, Party people; this was a real old school evening. The hall was crowded (it really filled up for Heathen) with genuine old school thrash lovers and all different types of people, not just local, but people from all over the north of The Netherlands. Heathen, who only played songs from the albums Breaking The Silence & Victims Of Deception, also knew how thrash was supposed to sound. They sounded very well; they had the best sound of the three opening acts (Mortal Sin, Heathen and Destruction). Throwing beer is normal with Normaal concerts (Normaal is a well-known Dutch farmer, or hill billy, band), it's not normal for a thrash metal concert. That didn't amuse Lee (Altus, Exodus & Heathen), even stronger it pissed him off big-time. Up next was Destruction. They played their set that only consisted from the albums Sentence of Death & Infernal Overkill. They created a big party and had a nice stage performance, but the sound sucked big time, the vocals were totally unintelligible for the first three songs. Destruction still knew only one speed, full throttle. Schmeir (the singer of the band) and the rest of his band really gave their souls during this concert. In about 40 minutes they must have lost litres of sweat. Because of their monotonous speed and bad sound it wasn't really sad when they ended their set.

As Exodus was expected to be on next, the Sepultura-flag appeared. Although only Paulo jr. is the only founding member left in the band (Andreas Kisser stepped in 1987 just around Schizophrenia), they did a very outstanding job. The set list consisted only from songs from the albums Beneath The Remains, Arise & Chaos A.D. Their new drummer, (puppy) Eloy Casagrande (just 20 years old, when Sepultura was founded he didn't even exists (not even in his dad's mind), looked like a real pit bull dog behind his kit. Respect! Derrick (Green) seemed to struggle with finding the right microphone. Due to this problem the vocals where a bit soft during the first three songs, but the public didn't seem to mind. Beneath the remains was a perfect opening song and Arise was the perfect closure. Everything in between was exhilarating. As most people were old thrash lovers the few stage divers clearly where not as experienced. A few tips for starting divers: Don't dive in a hole, don't dive when the band is not playing, don't just fall of the stage, JUST DIVE! Unfortunately we weren't able to see the whole Exodus set. We only saw the first six songs, but we expect that these were representative for the whole set, energetic, old school and extremely powerful. Rob (Dukes) looked like someone not to have fight with; He really looks like a badass. Gary (Holt), who has been on tour with Slayer for the whole summer, and Lee (Altus) really spiced up the show.
To cut it short, all bands still knew how to thrash and the still knew how to please the audience.

Review & Pictures by: Marjaaah & Metaldude666